Thursday, July 7, 2011

pinky pink

I'm handling one Myanmar project at the moment. So I have to go back and fro like every quarter of the year. Maybe after this, once a month as the project will soon be in the engineering design stage. During my first trip there, I was so bored that I dont know what to do or where to go. There just isnt any place that is interesting (for me) to visit. But before my second visit, I did some serious google and I just found out that actually Myanmar is very famous with their gemstones. (How dumb am I huh?)

Myanmar is one of the biggest suppliers in gemstones especially rubies and sapphires. They are also among the best gemstones in the world. You can find various colors of sapphires, even in pastel shades with very reasonable price.

Since I've accidentally misplaced my diamond ring (the one that bf bought at Habib few years back, tho it's just a commercial ring, but still) at home, I decided to have one colored stone ring (just in case I found back my diamond ring, so I wont be having 2 similar ring), as I plan to have a proper (means: 4c checklist) diamond ring for my nikah.

Blue sapphire is not one of my option as I think I dont look good in anything in blue (ok memang saiko sikit) neither do ruby as dark red is not my preference. So guess what's in between these two stones? PINK!! yes, pink sapphire! but some people called it pink ruby.. anyway it is still the same minerals. If it is in a subtle pale pink, they called it pink sapphire, but if it is more to a deep rich pink, they will called it pink ruby.

So to cut the story short, I went to the famous Yangon Gem Museum, and bought my first gemstone. So there you go, my pink sapphire ring, that I'm going to use it as my engagement ring. Kalau Kate Middleton pakai blue sapphire, I ada pink sapphire..tak main lah ikut2 orang nih..kerlass kan?? ahaks!! :p

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