Saturday, May 28, 2011

independent old me

i've dated my bf for 4 1/2 years now (Alhamdulillah) but technicallay, we've been dating for less than half of the duration due to his work nature..4 weeks dekat darat and another 4 weeks dekat's quite a hard time for me..not on emotional side but more on having to live and do things all by myself when he was not around..tayar kereta pecah, batteri kereta flat, paip rumah bocor, dinner makan sorang2, etc. but Alhamdulillah, I managed to sort my own life during his absence..which is a good thing for now i know that i'm actually quite a tough girl :D (clap clap for my own self).

but, dating and being married are two different thing..being apart when you're still a couple is ok..but being apart after u're getting married, tambah2 if dah pregnant or dah ada baby..perghh i can forsee quite a challenge there..even my mom pun risau if masa tgh pregnant nak terbersalin n hubby tak dapat balik..kan susah? but considereing his work nature, i have to accept it no matter what..kang tak bagi dia pi ke laut, sapa pulak nak bagi nafkah kan? he had tried to apply for office base work but takde yg memberangsangkan..either tak lepas interview..or gaji tak berpatutan with his experience..nak buat macam mana kan..hmm

orang selalu cakap kalau kita ikhlas nak membina masjid, somehow Allah akan permudahkan and permurahkan to cut the story short, bf finally dapat an offer way beyond our expectation..gaji yang on par with his old salary and the best part is..his office building is just behind my office building..syukur yg lepas kawin boleh la car pool :D

tapi bila dia dah sentiasa dekat dengan kite nih..mula lah rasa mengada2 tu lebih sikit..semua benda nak bergantung harap kat dia..terus dah tak jadi tough n independent lady..jadi needy n gedix pulak..ishh apa kes nih? -_-"

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

thousands steps to go

i've bought my first french lace..yeay! initially, i planned to use it for my sanding dress..but found it to sweet so tukar plan and gonna use it for my nikah :p
these are my two favorite designs..sekarang tinggal nak decide nak hantar upah kat siapa je ;)