Thursday, December 9, 2010

we need both the sun and rain to have the rainbow

wah lamanye tak update this blog
been active (nehh) with tumblr now..tumblring other than wedding stuff

there's been a lot of things happened to me these past few months
heartache..most of em

we asked for a sunny day, but then came the rain and storm
we feel down without realizing that actually, Allah wants to give us the rainbow

so thanks to Allah, i feel much much better now
feeling the love more than ever
and i will keep on praying that it will last forever this time around



  1. jarjar!!!!....rindu ko!....ingat aku lg????...lama dah ko x menulis kat sini...wat hapen dear???

    apa2 pun...welkam back!..aku dah privatekan blog...meh sini ur email...aku invite...

  2. hi u..heheh mcm2 jd malas nak share je hehe
    ni my email: nfaeizah [@] gmail [.] com